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Budgeting, variance analysis and forecasting

The budget is a plan, in numbers, which sets out what the organisation hopes to achieve in the coming period. This can be broken down into specific areas such as sales, production, costs and profits.


The actual figures achieved are likely to differ from those budgeted which will result in variances, these variances can then be analysed to ensure that you are still on target for your annual plan. Combining your actual figures with the remaining budget, or an amended/flexed budget, forecasts or reforecasts, can be devised to update or amend budgets as you progress through the year.


Once the annual budget has been prepared a cash flow forecast can be developed which identifies the movements in cash throughout the year ensuring that there are sufficient funds available during the period.

Time Tax London have gained a wealth of experience in this area which can be tailored you your specific needs.

Services Budgeting, variance analysis and forecasting


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